Pyranha 1-10 HPS Concentrate for 30 Gallon Spray System

by Pyranha

Pyranha Space Spray 1-10 HPS Concentrate makes 30 gallons pyrethroid insecticide for use in non-thermal automatic spray systems and barn foggers. Mix 2.5 gallons Pyranha 1-10 HPS in 30 gallons water to yield a pyrethroid insecticide for use in automatic spray systems in horse barns and dog kennels. Concentrate may also be mixed 1:11 with water for use as a space spray. Provides quick knockdown and long lasting protection against a broad range of biting insects, including stable flies, horse flies, house flies, horn flies, face flies, deer flies, bott flies, black flies, midges, gnats, mosquitoes and fleas. Pyranha Space Spray 1-10 HPS Concentrate contains 0.30% pyrethrins, 0.60% permethrin and 3% piperonyl butoxide.

Not intended for use in facilities where animals intended for human consumption or slaughter will be maintained.

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