Beaded Rope Halter

by Professional's Choice
  • Beaded Rope Halter Black/Turquoise - Item # 42176
  • Beaded Rope Halter Burgundy - Item # 42176
  • Beaded Rope Halter Royal - Item # 42176
  • Beaded Rope Halter Turquoise - Item # 42176

Featuring intricate beadwork on the noseband. Durable and easy to care for. Comes complete with a 10' matching lead.

Item: 42176 ** Color/Style: Black/Turquoise $25.95
Item: 42176 ** Color/Style: Burgundy $25.95
Item: 42176 ** Color/Style: Royal $25.95
Item: 42176 ** Color/Style: Turquoise $25.95
Item: 42176 Color/Style: Purple No longer available
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