8-Quart Hook Over Feed Pail

by Little Giant

Ideal for goats, sheep, and miniature horses. Its dual-purpose molded bracket functions as both a hanging bracket and a carrying handle. The bracket fits easily over any 2” wide board to create a sturdy feed pail in the stall, on a fence or anywhere else, plus its smaller size and finger grip bottom make it perfect for scooping and pouring. For more permanent mountings, simply place two screws in the holes provided on the handle.

Item: 29779 Color/Style: Green $6.49 6 @ $5.95 Shipping: 5 lbs
Item: 29779 Color/Style: Red $6.49 6 @ $5.95 Shipping: 5 lbs
Item: 29779 Color/Style: Blue $6.49 6 @ $5.95 Shipping: 5 lbs


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