Mix & Match

How does Mix & Match work?
To qualify for mix & match discounts, you have to purchase the number of units shown in the Units column. Each item you purchase is worth the number of units shown in the Units/Item column. The number in the Min column shows you the minimum number of items you have to purchase to qualify for the discount shown on that row.

You can mix & match by adding the different products shown here to your cart. They will all contribute to your unit total for this family of products, and they will all receive a discount if applicable.

Item #ItemUnitsUnits/ItemMinPrice eachSavings
19198 Everyday Boot Bag 1 1 1 $29.95
    4 1 4 $20.85 $36.40
34658 Gear Bag 1 1 1 $34.95
42328 Fleece Horse Sheet 1 1 1 $49.95
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