Flex-Force® Solution With HA

Corta-Fl®x, Inc.



Cherry Flavored Homogenized Solution · For All Classes Of Horses And Activities

Formulated With Ultra Pure Ingredients


Active Ingredients:

Each Ounce Contains:

Sodium Hyaluronate (HA) (Vegetable)

    30 mg

Glucosamine (Shellfish)

2,500 mg

Methysulfonylmethane (MSM)

2,500 mg

Chondroitin Sulfate (Poultry)

    850 mg


     550 mg

Yucca Schidigera

     100 mg

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

     100 mg


     200 mg

Zinc Sulfate

       65 mg

Manganese Sulfate

       50 mg

Copper Sulfate

       13 mg


Inactive Ingredients:

 Water, Dextrose, Sorbitol, Xanthan Gum, Ammonium Propionate (as preservative), Natural & artificial flavors.



Shake Well Before Using

For an average 1,100 lb (500 kg) horse, feed 1 ounce daily with the horse’s regular feed or as directed by your veterinarian. Thereafter as a maintenance level feed ½ ounce daily. Feed others according to body weight, less for ponies and smaller horses, more for larger breeds. Prior to strenuous exercise or event, feed 2 ounces daily for 3 consecutive days.



As with all food supplements, consult your veterinarian before starting any supplement program.



Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

For Equine Use Only · Do Not Feed To Other Animals

This Product Should Not Be Given To Animals With Known Allergies To Shellfish or Those Intended For Human Consumption



Close Container After Each Use · Store In A Cool, Dry Place · Protect From Freezing

Do Not Use If Seal Is Torn Or Missing

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