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Knock Out
Sullivan Supply

Instant Stain Remover

Knock Out is a powerful Instant Stain Remover with a unique biodegradable formula naturally breaks the bond between dirt, grime, feces, urine, dust and stains attached to the hair or wool of livestock.

Specifically formulated to:

  • Eliminate dirt and debris with sustained action power
  • Restore discolored spots to their natural color
  • Spot remover with all natural brightening action, not a bleach, dye or stripping agent
  • Safe, clean, easy to use, no purple mess
  • Specifically formulated to remove protein based stains


Directions: First start by brush away any loose dirt or debris. Apply liberally, and spray directly onto stained area and brush in. leave in for sustained action to activate. For stubborn stains on legs, spray on and wrap overnight to keep moist. For livestock with sensitive skin, spray on and rub in with towel and leave in for sustained action to activate. This product works best when stain area is kept moist and when enzyme activation is allowed to work over time.

Precautions: In case of eye contact, flush with plenty of water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. Avoid food contact surfaces.

Warning: Topical spray, for external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

Store at room temperature. SHAKE WELL.

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