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Quic Silver™
Exhibitor's™ Labs

Quic Silver intensifies the color of equine hair by optically altering the way light interacts with each hair shaft. No harsh chemicals or bleaches to leave hair dull and dry. Quic Silver naturally reveals in full intensity every color within the mane, tail and coat, deep-cleaning to leave your horse soft, smooth and shiny. Quic Silver is stunning on grays and albinos (silvery highlights) and palomino and cream coats (golden highlights), but will not enhance color as well on some buckskins It is an excellent stain remover, safely turning dingy markings a platinum white. For coats that are equal parts white and color, choose your preferred effect: Quic Silver creates platinum highlights of white areas, Quic Color creates a bold snow white. Used consistently, the optical effects of Quic Silver will intensify with each use. Use also on clipped or sunburned coats.

Directions For Use:
Please Note: Quic Silver will not intensify color if diluted with water or other shampoos. Quic Silver's environmentally friendly low-sudsing formula is easy to rinse at full strength.

  1. Remove excess dirt from coat. 
  2. Thoroughly wet horse. 
  3. Apply Quic Silver full strength to mane and tail, using fingers to work into roots of hair. 
  4. Apply Quic Silver full strength to sponge or wash mitt and evenly distribute through coat using a circular motion. 
  5. Allow Quic Silver to remain in place for 5-10 minutes. (Longer time equals greater effects, 10 minutes is color-safe maximum.) 
  6. Rinse well.

Quic Silver is gentle and safe, with the correct equine pH. However, if your horse has allergies, always pre-test for sensitivity. Do not use on open sores, wounds, or scar tissue, and avoid the eyes. For external use only.

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