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Biotin &Essential Fatty Acids Make Your Horse Shine!



The safe and natural way to give your horse fatty acids.


Feeding Directions: Feed average size horse one scoop per day. Larger breeds feed two scoops per day. Each scoop of Gen-A-Coat provides 8 mg. of Biotin and over 3 grams of linoleic and linolenic acids, essential fatty acids. To insure freshness, store Gen-A- Coat in a cool, dry place. Gen-A-Coat eliminates dander and naturally conditions coat, mane and tail. Gen-A-Coat is not a liquid oil. Unrefrigerated liquid oils are prone to rancidity. Rancidity destroys biotin and should be avoided.


Guaranteed Analysis Per Pound: Crude Protein: 17% (min.) Crude Fat: 30% (min.) Crude Fiber: 10% (max) dBiotin: 243 mg Ethoxyquin: less than ½ of 1%


Ingredients: Ground flax seed, dBiotin, ethoxyquin (a preservative)


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