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Fast, Free Shipping on most $75+ orders

Kow Kan't Kick
Western Sales

Clamp down on wild, unruly animals. Kow Kan't Kick is used and recommended by DVM's, dairymen and livestock producers around the world.

Kow Kan't Kick is still the safest, easiest and most humane way to stop wild and unruly cows from kicking. Pays for itself by preventing injury to man and animal. Helps prevent stall accidents, chain cuts and spilled milk. Keeps animals quiet during examinations, surgical work, artificial insemination and helps train heifers with first calf.

Kow Kan't Kick fits any size animal. Slips over back depressing muscles that control kicking-immobilizes rear legs without pain or injury. Works on either side of pin bone. Rubber-tipped arms protect animal against injury in tender areas. Precision machined crank with Acme threads on both handle and nut, closes arms easily and quickly from either right or left side of cow. Kow Kan't Kick is strong, sturdy, easily applied and "number one" for safety!


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