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Fast, Free Shipping on most $75+ orders

Calf Eze Dual Action Calf Puller

Ideal Instruments

This new, made in America fetal extractor joins the Dr. Frank's as Ideal's second calf puller. Calf Eze is engineered for the user that prefers a dual action instead of a single pull instrument. Superior to ratchet style pullers that rely on awkward grooved shafts with sharp edges and hard to clean grooves. Calf Eze utilizes the same non-slip cam traction system as the Dr. Frank's Fetal Extractor, but with two pulling points that alternately advance to shift the pull from one leg to the other.

The dual action jack body is made of special strength aluminum to make the extractor lightweight. The jack release mechanism allows easy positioning on the rods. The hardened steel locking cams prevent slipping and provide longer life. A third chain hook is provided to give single pull option. Ideal has also simplified the new extractor by using the same 23" breechen, nylon web strap, and two-section smooth steel rod as used with the Dr. Frank's. This greatly simplifies replacement parts inventories. Suggested for use with two 30 or 45 inch O.B. chains (not included)



* Aero Space Heat Treated Aluminum Alloy Jack

* State-of-the-Art Handle Release

* 4 Hardened Steel Cams

* Precision Two-Section Rod Assembly

* Nylon web strap included

* Rotating Jack and Breechen

* Round Aluminum Steel Jack Handle


* Corrosion resistant, lightweight, durable for longer life

* One person operation permitting a smooth release on both sets of cams

* Guards against slipping and provides uniform tension and minimal rod damage

* Smooth for easy cleaning and disinfecting - Convenient to carry and assemble

* For proper positioning of the breechen below pin bones

Light weight, convenient to assemble and greater metal mass to prevent breakage 

* Accommodates hip lock situations

* Added strength and durability

* Protects unit and provides convenient storage

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