Electric Dehorner
Standard Precision Electronics

The Dual-Dehorner utilizes the best known and most universally accepted method of dehorning. Through the application of intense heat to the peripheral blood vessels at the horn base, the blood supply to the horn is sealed off. The horn then dies and sloughs off. This method of dehorning is dependent upon sufficient heat to burn to the depths required to effectively destroy the integrity of the feeder blood vessels. In order to be practical the device must maintain the required temperature for immediate application to the other horn and for rapid animal to animal usage. The Dual-Dehorner provides sufficient heat to do this quickly and efficiently

Directions For Use:
 This item must be properly grounded. Us only with 3-wire ground system. Do not use with a 2 wire extension cord. Animal and operator must be on dry surface.

Connect to 110 volts. Allow 15 minutes to heat up to proper dehorning temperature. NOTE: Extension cords should be 16 gauge minimum 3-wire copper.

Young Calves: (3 to 10 days old): Accurately locate horn button below skin. Apply small end of dehorner so that circular edge exactly surrounds the horn button. Hold in place several seconds, long enough that the skin area contacted by the dehorner produces a deep fire brand appearance.

Older Calves: 2 to 12* weeks old): Use either end; whichever best surrounds base of horn. Apply dehorner as above several seconds. Using heel of hand, strike the horn sharply to break it loose around the base. In event some hemorrhaging occurs, re-apply dehorner momentarily to cauterize vessel.

*May be used on some breeds up to six months of age.

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