Revenge®Sticky Fly Tape
Roxide International, Inc.

The mini reel kit. 24.7 meters (81 ft.). Non-toxic. Insecticide free.
For stables, farms, dairy barns, kennels, zoos, factories, restaurants, patios, tents and more. Use everywhere to attract and capture flies.

This Revenge Sticky Fly Tape Mini Reel Kit contains everything you need to lure and catch tens of thousands of flies. It is an environmentally safe, non-toxic fly control that you can use everywhere with confidence.

1 reel with 81 ft. of Fly Tape, 1 empty take-up reel, and 2 screws with anchors.

Directions For Use:
When hanging your Fly Tape, try to keep it about 5 inches from the ceiling and away from drafts.

1. Full Mini Reel—Screw through hole in center spindle to attach to wall or ceiling. (Use anchors if mounting to drywall).
2. Empty Mini Reel—This is your take-up reel; mount 8-12 ft. from the full reel in a straight and level line. Mount same as above (1.).
3. Remove protective paper and pull tape over to take-up reel. Wind onto take-up reel several times to attach.
4. When the exposed Revenge Fly Tape is black with flies, turn take-up reel to expose a fresh length of the Revenge Sticky Fly Tape.

When the take-up reel is completely full of the Fly Tape, remove the reel by squeezing the tabs on the center spindle and pulling off. Throw into the trash. Clean up our non-toxic glue with peanut butter or vegetable oil.

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