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Calf Fluid Feeder
Springer McGrath Co.

Drench feeding small calves used to be a tough, risky job. But no more. The new Springer McGrath Fluid feeder gives cattlemen a practical, easy-to-use tool that helps save baby calves.

An improved version of the Springer McGrath Baby B.E.F., the new Fluid feeder uses the same special polished stainless steel esophageal probe to administer fluids and nutrients directly into the rumen. Using the Fluid feeder is a simple, one-man operation that requires no special training. And there's no danger of accidentally drowning the calf if it is used properly. Scoured, dehydrated calves - even those that won't eat or drink -get the supportive fluids and energy they need to recover fast.

EASY TO USE: The Springer McGrath esophageal probe makes the oral speculum and stomach tube obsolete for drench feeding calves. Probe inserts easily into the esophagus. New "roll tube makes using the Fluid feeder a simple, one-man operation.

SAFE: If it is used properly. There is no danger of accidentally getting fluid into lungs and drowning the calf, as the probe's size and shape does not allow it to be inserted into the trachea. The probe is hardened, highly polished stainless steel preventing burrs that can cut the throat and cause infection. For further procedure consult a veterinarian.

FAST: Fluid feeder can administer quart quantities of fluids to a calf in less than one minute, if needed.

DURABLE: Sturdy hardened stainless steel probe resists damage and last for years. "Roll tube" can be re-used many times: heavy duty material resists punctures and tears, remains flexible at 0° F

Directions For Use:

1.       Pour measured amount of drench feed product into "roll tube."

2.       Add correct amount of water.

3.       Affix probe assembly onto tube.

4.       Direct the probe to the left side of calf's mouth, staying on top of tongue. Push probe straight back to a point midway down the throat. Lubricate if necessary. The probe "finds its own way" to the esophageal opening.

5.       Fold "roll tube" from end to force out liquid feed mixture.

6.       Fold once again and squeeze until empty.


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