Mane ‘n Tail®Spray-Away
Straight Arrow®

Safe, gentle, quick-cleaning body wash. All natural pH balanced formula. Conditions and shines. Cleans without scrubbing. Gentle enough to use every day.

Spray-Away is the safe, quick body wash solution that horse owners can rest assured is safe to use as often as needed. Spray-Away cleans deep down to the skin without scrubbing, the coat feels clean, silky and lays natural with sheen and shine. In addition, manes and tails are cleaner tight down to the base while helping with detangling. Spray-Away is a unique and exclusive concentrated formula which has amazing results that have to be felt to be believed. Now horse owners can feel confident knowing their horses are being cleaned safely, with guaranteed results.

Spray-Away Benefits:
1. Exclusive combination of quick-cleansing natural plant esters and surfactants.
2. Cleans without scrubbing, safe and gentle enough to use every day.
3. Essential oils and proteins condition and replenish the hair’s natural body and shine.
4. Thorough cleaning eliminates fungal and bacterial food sources for healthier skin.
5. pH balanced for sensitive skin, can be used over cuts and scrapes.
6. Metered sprayer for efficient application avoiding excessive waste.

No need to pre-wet horse. Connect hose to sprayer. To release switch, break off locking tab. Turn the switch to wash and spray directly on. Start at the top and work down. Lather up until completely covered. Turn switch to rinse. Use a scraper while rinsing. Continue rinsing until water scraped off runs clear. Use more concentrate if necessary for heavy crusty dirt or stained areas. The amount of product to use will vary based on how full the coat is or how dirty/clean.

Face: Avoid spraying directly at eyes, can be sponged or towel washed over face area.

Manes and Tails: Lift and spray or use concentrate for really thick manes and tails. Pour directly on, massage with hands, working solution deeper to the base of tails and manes. Rinse. Check and see that dirt and all flaking are removed down to the skin. This is important to help stop tail itching while encouraging healthier, fuller manes and tails.

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