Fresh Flakes™ Poultry Bedding

Manna Pro


  • Ultra-Absorbent
  • Harvested from renewable forestry resources
  • Shavings are all-natural and compost able
  • Heat-drying process and hands-free environment ensures against mold spores, E. Coli and Salmonella
  • Screened multiple times to remove dust


Ingredients: Pine Shavings


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Clean out all bedding and debris from the coop or housing structure. If using a liquid cleaning aid, wait until flooring surface is completely dry. Break apart compressed shavings and sprinkle a two inch layer of bedding inside the coop and nesting boxes. A layer of Coop ‘N Compost® odor neutralizer under the bedding will help extend the life of your shavings and decrease harmful odors.

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