Hide and Hair for Sheep and Goats

by Natural Solutions Livestock


Hide and Hair for Sheep and Goats is the new revolutionary skin and hair product from Natural Solutions for Livestock.  Skin and hair is of the upmost importance in the showing today and Hide and Hair for Sheep and Goat supports healthier hair and skin which is essential for optimum hair growth.  Hide and Hair contains seaweed which has been shown to support a normal body temperature.  It contains no added copper so it is safe for sheep but it does contain Ammonium Chloride to aid in the prevention of Urinary Calculi.  This product comes in pelleted form which is extremely palatable and contains no melatonin.



Crude Protein

(This include not more then 3.00% equivalent crude protein

 from non-protein nitrogen)

Min. 15.00 %

Crude Fat

Min. 7.00 %

Crude Fiber

Max. 6.00 %

Calcium (Ca)

Min. 0.60%/Max. 1.10%

Phosphorus (P)

Min. 0.35 %

Sodium (Na)

Min. 0.20 %/Max. 0.70 %

Selenium (Se)

Min. 2.2 ppm

Vitamin A

Min. 43,940 IU/lb



Administer 2 oz. (2 scoops) per head per day.  Scoop included.  Use as a top dress.


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