Orbeseal® Dry Cow Teat Sealant

Dry cow intramammary teat sealant device. Orbeseal is a sterile, antibiotic-free, off-white smooth paste. Orbeseal is ready to use in syringes containing 4 grams of intramammary infusion composed of 65% Bismuth Subnitrate in a mineral oil vehicle.

Orbeseal is indicated as an aid in the prevention of new intramammary infection throughout the dry period by providing a malleable barrier in the teat canal. This results in a reduction in the incidence of clinical mastitis for the entire dry period by preventing bacteria from entering the teat canal.

Dosage and Administration:

After last milking at dry-off, clean and disinfect the teats with alcohol swabs provided in bucket and infuse the entire contents of one syringe of Orbeseal into each quarter. Do not massage teat following infusion. If an antibiotic is infused into the teat, the teat should be swabbed with alcohol again prior to infusion with Orbeseal. At calving, the seal may be stripped out of the teat by hand, ingested by the calf or removed through the action of the milking machine. Ingestion of Orbeseal by the calf is safe and produces no adverse effects.

Withdrawal Information:
For use in dry cows only. Zero-day milk and meat withdrawal when used alone. If Orbeseal is administered following an antibiotic infusion, the withdrawal periods for meat and milk for the antibiotic should be observed.

If accidentally administered to a lactating cow, product can be stripped out by hand. If Orbeseal contact human skin, wash with soap and warm water. A MSDS may be obtained by calling Pfizer Customer Support at 1-800-366-5288.

For animal treatment only-not for human use. Keep out of reach of children. Discard empty tubes-do not reuse.

Orbeseal should be stored at room temperature 60°-85°F (15°-30°C). In very cold temperatures Orbeseal may become difficult to administer and should be warmed to room temperature. Do not immerse individual syringes in warm water to warm.

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