Sullivan’s Show Road Replenish Electrolyte Paste

Sullivan Supply


Contains a source of vital minerals and electrolytes.  For all classes of cattle, sheep and swine.


GUARANTEED Analysis (per 30cc minimum);

Phosphorus (minimum)

3.6 %

Magnesium (minimum)

1.0 %

Manganese (minimum)

260 mg

Salt  (minimum)

2.1 %

Salt  (maximum)

2.2 %


5.1 %


940 mg

Total Sugars as Invert

3.1 %


INGREDIENTS:  Water, dipotassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate, silicon dioxide, Citric acid, dextrose, manganese sulfate, sodium chloride, natural flavor, potassium citrate and corn starch.


Sullivan’s Show Road Replenish Electrolyte Paste is to be used during periods of stress, shipping, and/or showing to help replace body fluids.  Provide ample drinking water.  For best results, use in combination with Sullivan’s Appetite Express + paste to keep the stomach working properly.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Administer paste directly from tube onto back of animal’s tongue, twice daily.



   Cattle: 30cc   Swine: 15cc   Sheep: 15cc

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