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Fast, Free Shipping on most $75+ orders

APF Pro Canine

Auburn Laboratories Inc

Canine Performance Supplement

Advanced Protection Formula

  • Energy
  • Endurance
  • Recovery

High potency adaptogen extract

120 ml     4 fl oz.


  • Developed by a veterinarian to improve energy, endurance and recovery.
  • Protects against the harmful effects of stress.
  • Supports rapid recovery from injury, illness and training.
  • Provides proven immune support.

   A water-alcohol extract of:
   Eleutherococcus senticosus,
   Rhodiola rosea,
   Schizandra chinensis,
   Aralia mandschurica,
   Rhaponticum carthamoides

APF Pro should be fed at the rate of 0.5 ml to 1 ml per 15 lbs body weight, depending on the intensity of training and competition.

Feed daily. For best results, mix into wet or moist food.

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