Suzie’s Tartar Liquid
Suzie’s Pet Supplies®, Ltd.

Tartar Remover

Just add to drinking water. Helps control tartar and freshens breath.

Suzie’s Tartar Liquid was formulated to help remove and control tartar build-up. With regular use, tartar is loosened, allowing it to be removed easier with hard foods and dog biscuits, helping to create fresher breath and clean, white teeth. Please read directions before using. Your pet is worth it!

Directions: Before using, examine your pet’s teeth and note their condition for a later comparison. Mix 1 tablespoon of Suzie’s Tartar Liquid with 1 quart of water. Fill your pet’s water dish with the mixture and allow your pet to drink normally. For best results, use daily.

Ingredients: Water, glycerin, sodium benzoate, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium salicylate, sodium borate, polysorbate 20, green FD&C yellow #5.

Makes 4 Gallons. For Dogs & Cats

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