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Fast, Free Shipping on most $75+ orders

Ring Out Ringworm & Fungus Control Spray Concentrate

Reduces Scarring & Hair Loss
A Skin Safe Concentrate

Aids in Healing & Prevention of Infectious Ringworm Fungi, Wool Fungus, Thrush, Rain Rot, Foot Rot & Wound Care
A Non-Toxic defense & barrier against contagious fungi, bacteria and viruses\

All animals: Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Goats, Swine, Dogs, Cats & Pets

4 oz (118 ml) Makes 32 oz of Spray

A Must for Every Livestock or Pet Owner
The topical ringworm prevention, treatment & biosecurity spray preferred by expert livestock & pet owners. Use Ring Out to scientifically clean, help prevent and manage the spread of ringworm fungi and other contagious pathogens causing skin, hide, hoof disorders or wound irritation. Spray directly on animals, clean barns, trailers, livestock facilities, tools, combs and boots. Safe for use around you & your animals.

Ring Out is made with ProH Technology
The Low pH Chemistry Protecting People & Animals
Helps prevent the spread of ringworm to humans

Directions for Use
Pour this 4 oz bottle into a 32 oz spray bottle, then fill and mix with clean water.
Prevent: Spray the hair & skin of the animal before and after it contacts contaminated surfaces, animals or peoples. Work it through the hair down to wet the skin. Fungi, bacteria, viruses and spores don’t like to live and grow where Ring Out is sprayed. Spray scrapes, under collars and where clipped (points where germs enter the skin to infect and potentially spread.)
Treat: Spray directly on or wipe affected area with a saturated cloth. Gently clean skin with Ring Out, scraping or wiping away crust or debris. Do not rinse; allow to air dry. Apply twice daily for best results. Quarantine your animals until symptom free. Consult your veterinarian if conditions do not start improving in 7-10 days.
Not approved for human use.

Shake before each use.

Safety: Keep out of Reach of Children. Topical only, not intended to be ingested. Avoid contact with eyes as stinging can result. Rinse eyes with water. Use within 2 years. Do not mix with bleach or other chemicals.

Ingredients: ProH Safe Technology, food prep Citric and Phosphoric acids, Water and pH adjuster Muratic acid (Patent Pending)
Antibiotic Free, Non Toxic, Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable, Water Soluble, Hypo-Allergenic, GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe).

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