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Fast, Free Shipping on most $75+ orders

Speedrite AN20 Fencer



Speedrite has delivered no nonsense, reliable electric fence systems to farmers and producers for over 70 years. Tested and proven in the world’s harshest environments since 1938. Battery powers up to 1 KM – 0.6 Miles.


Technical Information:

Input Voltage

               3 VDC

Current Consumption

               14 mA

Peak Output Energy

       up to 0.04 J

Peak Stored Energy

                0.05 J

Output Voltage

5.8 kV max,2.8kV @2000?



  1. Simple Set Up:

      Strip grazing applications can be set up quickly and easily. The Speedrite AN20 

      Clips directly onto fence wire.                                 

  1. On/Off Switch:

      Turns energizer off for easy relocation and battery saving.

  1. Variable Pulse Rate:

As battery levels drop, the pulse rate adjusts to conserve the battery while maintaining effective livestock control.

  1. Long Life Operation:

Operates for up to 35 days on 2xD sized batteries.

  1. Flashing LED:

Provides a quick visual indication of the fence pulse.

  1. 2 Year Warranty


Suitable For: Sheep, Cows, Horses


Safety Standard:

Complies with IEC 60335-2-76 with -1.


Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Suppressed Circuitry



Risk of electric shock. Read full instructions before use. Mount out of reach of children. Suitable for use outdoors.



Repair should be undertaken by an authorized Speedrite service agent. Only Speedrite replacement parts must be used.

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