Bigeloil Quilted Poultice Leg Wraps for Horses

W F Young


With Kaolin Clay and Epsom Salt



Specialized fiber paper holds the poultice mixture within 28 quilted pockets.  The poultice contains powdered clay and Epsom salt that creates a contact gel when activated by water.  This helps the poultice stay in contact with the leg and stay in place for easy wrapping.  Great during cold weather or when water availability is limited.  Light on water usage, easy on hands easy on drains.


Uses:  Bigeloil Poultice Leg Wraps can be used whenever heat or stiffness in the legs is of concern:  after competition, heavy work, general soreness, filled legs or bruising.  Can be used under shipping bandages.  All-in-one solution:  soak in ice water for an initial cold therapy and poultice with just one application.



  1. Submerge wrap in warm or cold water for 15-20 seconds.  Be sure poultice pockets are sufficiently wet; pockets will expand slightly when wet.  Drain excess water back into pail.
  2. Wrap snugly around leg.  The wrap molds around the leg, providing maximum surface contact for the poultice.
  3. Apply standing wrap over poultice wrap to cover.  No brown paper or plastic wrap required.
  4. Wrap typically remains wet for 12-18 hours.
  5. Single use application – once wrap is dry it cannot be reused.


Easy clean up!  Simply remove wraps – the quilted design eliminates poultice residue on the leg.  Compost used poultice wrap or dispose of in trash.


INGREDIENTS:  Kaolin Clay, Epsom Salt, Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (guar gum) enclosed in a fiber paper matrix.


CAUTION:  KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.  Plastic bags/sleeves can be dangerous to young children.  For external use only.  Avoid breathing of dust from dry wraps.  Wash hands after handling.  Non-sterile.

Storage: Reseal unused wraps in their original packaging and store in a dry location.




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