Are You Managing a Moody Mare?

Straighten her crown with these 3 products

Managing a Moody Mare

Mares can be misunderstood for their at times, questionable, behavior. While more often than not, their mood swings are chalked up to hormones, these changes in behavior can actually be caused by many other factors, as well.

Here are a few examples:

  • Medical conditions, like allergies, pain and ulcers
  • Stress and anxiety, just like in humans
  • Environmental changes, such as weather, stabling environment and diet
  • Estrus (heat) cycle, which impacts hormone levels
  • Mares experience heat cycles periodically throughout the year, usually during spring and summer months. While some mares can cycle year-round, even during wintertime, it is more common for them to cycle during longer hours of daylight. Learn more about a horse’s estrus cycle in this article from the American Association of Equine Practitioners.

    You can straighten your mare’s crown by helping manage her hormone levels, using these three product favorites.

    Mare Magic: Help your mare be more comfortable during her cycle. Whether you have a mare that has a hard cycle, is moody or cranky, or just seems to be uncomfortable, this all-natural supplement will really help. “I have a very temperamental mare who isn't a joy when she's in heat. This product stops her fighting and her bucking. It even calms her down during wind storms,” said customer Lauren, who rated the supplement with five stars.

    Regu-mate: If your performance mare’s behavior and focus change when she’s in heat, she can not only cost you the class, she can cost you the hundreds to thousands of dollars it took to get there. You can help reduce undesirable changes in behavior and mood by suppressing your mare’s estrous (heat) cycle with Regu-Mate (altrenogest). Within three days of the start of treatment, Regu-Mate for horses will effectively suppress estrus in 95 percent of mares. Regu-Mate requires a veterinarian's prescription.

    Command Serene: This all-natural, herb-free calming formula for horses is available in pellets, powder and paste forms. Command Serene contains concentrated levels of B-vitamins and magnesium. It counteracts the stress that leads to irritable, nervous, unpredictable behavior, and allows the horse to be more focused.

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