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Horse Boots 101: Part 2

Professional shares tips on properly applying and caring for your horse's boots

Written by Valley Vet Supply

Professional's Choice Horse Boots

How do you apply bell and splint boots correctly? How do you care for them? When is it time to buy a new set?

We’re back with Professional’s Choice representative and pro-rodeo cowboy, Brodie Poppino, to discuss Part 2 of this series, as he shares insight on applying and caring for equine boots for ultimate protection.

How do you properly put on boots?

Overreach boots, also known as bell boots, should sit snugly just above the horse’s coronary band. When applying support boots, putting them on correctly is critical. Make sure to pull from the front of the horse to the back of the horse. The Velcro should always point toward his back legs. When applying Professional’s Choice boots, by design the boot is made to conform to the leg from top to bottom. The boots have a four-way stretch, so they need to be stretched around and stuck on pretty tight because the boots stretch and retract. A good test on the application is how much dirt is in the boot after a workout. There should be very little dirt in them. Although it’s impossible to keep them completely free of dirt, if they are full, the boots need to be put on tighter.

What is the best way to clean boots?

Sand and dirt is Velcro’s worst enemy. When I’m done with my horse, and the boots are sandy, I’ll knock out as much of the sand and grit that I can. I recommend never using a brush. Velcro works as a hook-and-loop system, and the brush will tear out the hook, making the Velcro fuzzy. To clean boots, you can use a mild detergent or, simply hose them down with water and clean out the grit by hand.

When do you know it’s time to replace your set of boots?

The Velcro helps to support the boot and your horse’s leg. When it no longer adheres correctly, the boot no longer functions like it was intended. When your horse has torn up their boots even slightly with everyday use, it’s time for a new set. You want to make sure he is fully protected.

Whether horses are ridden for pleasure or competition, a wide variety of boots are available to help prevent injury and keep them performing at their very best. With several colors and patterns available, and boots for both English and Western disciplines, you can ensure your equine partner is ready for the ride.

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