Recommended Insecticides for the Fly Killer Kover

Dilute with a white mineral oil. (Diesel fuel, vegetable oil and water are NOT recommended.)

Product Active Ingredients Amount of Insecticide Amount of Diluant
GardStar 40% EC 40% permethrin 1/16 pint 2.5 gallons
Permectrin II 10% permethrin 1/4 pint 2.5 gallons
Permectrin CDS Pour-On 7.4% permethrin, 7.4% piperonyl butoxide 1/4 pint 1.9 gallons
Prozap Insectrin X 10% permethrin 1/4 pint 2.5 gallons
Synergized Delice Pour-On 1% permethrin, 1% piperonyl butoxide 1 pint 1 gallon
Co-Ral 6.15% coumaphos 1 pint 1.66 gallons
Prolate/Lintox HD 11.75% phosmet 1/2 pint 3.12 gallons

Fly Killer Kover Warning: Do not use a grubicide or a systemic insecticide with the Fly Killer Kover.

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