The Most Economical Hoof Boots

Brookside horse Trail Boots offer superior comfort and support for horses, at an unmatched value for riders

Economical Horse Hoof Boots

Comfort, support and affordability for riders spurred the introduction of Brookside Trail Boots, available exclusively from Valley Vet Supply. The Brookside Trail Boot offers relief and support for the unshod horse, to additional support in the recovery phase. The natural feel of this boot will keep horses comfortable from short hacks to long hours in the saddle. The Brookside brand is available exclusively from Valley Vet Supply, and our team of experienced equestrians trialed the boots -- as we do every item branded Brookside --   to make certain it’s a success for our dedicated horsemen!

The hoof boots were manufactured by EasyCare Inc. (we’re sure you’re familiar with EasyBoots!), the company who pioneered the first hoof boot marketed to the equine industry in 1970. Brendan Coulter, Director of Sales with EasyCare Inc said, “The Brookside Trail Boot is a great product for horse owners new to hoof boots or to an experienced user.”

Putting the new Brookside Trail Boots to the Test

To test how the trail boots could withstand rugged terrain and support horses overall, two horsewomen of the Valley Vet Supply marketing team -- an eventer and an all-around cowgirl -- saddled up in the surrounding Kansas Flint Hills. Donning the new Brookside Trail Boots for a solid 90-minute ride at all gaits, they mastered hills, rocky water crossings, wooden bridges and even a much-too-close rattlesnake encounter. All-around cowgirl and Director of Marketing, Kori Simmons, shared her thoughts overall, regarding their application and wear.


I booted up the two horses with the Brookside Trail Boots. The easy on/off of the boots, as well as the snug fit, certainly aids in the overall wear of the boot, I’m sure. I was impressed with how naturally they mold around hooves of very different shapes, even measuring the same size. One horse wore 2’s on the front and 1’s on the rear, while the other wore 2’s all the way around. The 360°-adjustable fit of the boot makes them forgiving for fitting horses throughout the duration of their trim cycle, too.”


“Both horses moved smoothly and naturally with the boots on all four feet. We monitored both horses with caution knowing they’ve never worn boots before. Start to finish, the horses were moving freely and comfortably. The traction and durability of the boots was impressive. Back at the trailer, it was the moment of truth. Would their feet be free from sores, debris and rubbing? Once removing them, we were thrilled to find their feet in tip-top shape, with not a single tuft of hair out of place.”


“A barefoot horse can be somewhat limiting as far as where they can be ridden. For me, anytime we need a break from the arena, I hit the gravel roads in the area for conditioning exercises. For the barefoot horses in the bunch, it always feels like you’re playing with fire not having shoes and waiting for a stone bruise or abscess. The last thing any of us want is a lame horse, so keeping their feet protected and in great condition is key. The Brookside Trail Boots have become a quick staple to keep barefoot feet protected and comfortable, which has opened up a multitude of areas I’m now able to ride without reservation.”

Offer protection to barefoot horses with horse hoof boots. Shop the best-valued hoof boot on the market today, Brookside Trail Boots, available only from Valley Vet Supply.

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