Want A More Serene Ride?

Want A More Serene Ride?

Command Serene Do you ever feel like you have the perfect relationship with your horse, if only.......he wasn’t so nervous, she didn’t spook, he could relax and focus, she wasn’t so irritable? These behaviors and more tell us that our horses aren’t enjoying experiences in the way we’d like. They’re nervous and anxious, which often prevents them from focusing on, or enjoying the task at hand.

For many horses, the addition of specific vitamins and minerals to their diets can help. Magnesium plays an important role in the nervous and muscular systems. An adequate level of magnesium helps with stress management, muscle tension and irritable, unpredictable behavior. Vitamin-B complex is important in various metabolic functions within the body. Adequate levels of Vitamin-B complex have been shown to help relieve anxiety and stress.

There are a number of calming supplements to choose from. Our customers consistently share powerful stories of success with the use of Command Serene. It is an all-natural, herb-free calming formula for horses, available in pellets, powder and paste forms. Command Serene contains concentrated levels of B-vitamins and magnesium. It counteracts the stress that leads to irritable, nervous, unpredictable behavior, and allows the horse to be more focused.Command Serene is completely natural without the addition of any sugars or fillers, and it will not test.

Here’s a brief look at what horse owners are saying about Command Serene:

“This fantastic product uncovered the willing quiet horse I knew was in there.” Bev Z “I see a definite change in her mood, much calmer and easier to handle now” J. White “He has been on CSP now for two months and is soft eyed, easy to manage, can stand and eat without having to run away, does not weave! isn't afraid of anything that moves and isn't dopey.” Sugarbear “She is not as frazzled and is much more obedient under saddle. “ Loves Pasos “I have noticed a wonderful, relaxed attitude from my 5 year old mare. We are all loving horse people and love the product.” L Kane Have your own success story?

We’d love to hear it!

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