Enjoy a More Serene Ride

Is your horse feeling his oats? Incorporate calming supplements for horses.

Equine Calming Supplements

While colder weather is perfect for watching a movie or reading a book indoors, it is often less-than-ideal for equestrians who prioritize riding and training year-round.

Now is the time to incorporate calming supplements for horses.

Are your riding lessons a bit more spirited these days? For many horses, the addition of calming supplements, which include specific herbs, vitamins and minerals, can modify the neurotransmitters in the brain, changing the horse's reaction to stress-inducing environmental factors.

Magnesium plays an important role in the nervous and muscular systems. An adequate level of magnesium helps with stress management, muscle tension and irritable, unpredictable behavior, which is commonly experienced with chilly winter temperatures ongoing across the country. Vitamin-B complex also is important in various metabolic functions within the body and is proven to help relieve anxiety and stress.

There are a number of equine calming supplements available to choose from to help manage your horse's apprehension. Our customers consistently share powerful stories of success with the use of Command Serene. It is an all-natural, herb-free calming formula for horses, available in pellets, powder and paste forms. Command Serene contains concentrated levels of B-vitamins and magnesium. It counteracts the stress that leads to irritable, nervous, unpredictable behavior, and allows the horse to be more focused.Command Serene is completely natural without the addition of any sugars or fillers, and it will not test.

Help your horse find relaxation and focus, so you may enjoy more serene rides.

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