Allflex RS420 Bluetooth Stick Reader

by Allflex

The Allflex RS420HD Bluetooth Stick Reader is an extremely rugged hand-held scanning device used to read electronic ID tags. Provides reading, storage, display, and transmission of data. Large LCD readout screen displays EID tag number, tag type (HDX or FDX), session number, total tag count, battery level, and clock. When scanning a tag, the red visual indicator alerts the user that reader is detecting a tag. Once the tag is detected, a green visual indicator, an audible beeper, and the vibrating handle signal that tag was successfully scanned and stored to memory. Bluetooth module allows wireless transfer of data to a Bluetooth compatible remote computer. Internal rechargeable battery pack allows cable-free operation. Stick Reader's internal memory holds 100,000 tag numbers (10,000 per session). The Allflex RS420HD Bluetooth Stick Reader is provided with a Windows-based PC utility program called "EID Tag Manager" which can be used to configure or download tag data into useful formats such as Excel, Word, etc.

The Allflex RS420HD Bluetooth Stick Reader is capable of reading the Allflex 30 mm HDX ear tag transponder at a minimum distance of 42 cm (16.5”) (optimum orientation). FDX-B ear tag transponders can be read at a minimum distance of 36 cm (15.5”). It will also read HDX & FDX-B implants of various sizes.

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