Mega Pro Oral Drench

by Ralco

Mega Pro is an oral drench to reduce scours and enhance immunity in nursing and young pigs. Mega Pro provides spray-dried egg antibodies to combat scours and prebiotic fiber to establish a balanced gut microflora. Electrolytes help pigs overcome dehydration. Synergy Essence provides an exclusive blend of essential oils including oregano oil for antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties to improve gut health and stimulate the immune system. Give 2 ml orally daily to pigs up to 20 lbs. Give 4 ml to pigs over 40 lbs. Includes pump dispenser to deliver 2 ml per pump.

Item: 29405 Size: 60 ml $9.99
Item: 29406 Size: 250 ml $27.99


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