Sheep and Goat FDX EID Tags

by Allflex

Allflex Sheep and Goat FDX EID Tags are tamperproof, single-use tags that utilize Full Duplex Technology. Each tag is printed with the unique ID number that is stored within the tag's FDX transponder. Tags can be visually verified with printed tag ID number or automatically verified with use of a reading device. Lightweight tag is designed for sheep, goats or other species where tag weight may be a factor. Allflex Sheep and Goat FDX EID Tags are made from rigid plastic with a tamperproof cap. Includes Global male buttons. Apply with Allflex Universal Total Tagger (remove the clip) or Allflex Retractomatic. 1.04" dia x 0.18 thick.

Item: 18385 (ds) Color/Style: Green Size: 20 ct $43.20
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