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Electronic identification ear tags (EID ear tags), also called radio frequency identification (RFID ear tags), take all the features of a visual ear tag and combine it with the assurance of data integrity, as well as traceability. All tags can be verified visually or through scanning. HDX tags utilize half duplex technology that can be read from a greater distance and are beneficial for automated systems. FDX tags utilize full duplex technology and are a cost-effective option. We offer a variety of the best cattle ear tags in HDX and FDX to make your herd tracking, processing, and recordkeeping as seamless and efficient as possible. Each tag is assigned a unique number, making the tracing of health and all pertinent information quicker and easier. Instead of manually recording data in a spreadsheet, information like weight can be saved from the scale directly on to your computer, which is then stored and easily synced at the chute ensuring the accuracy of the animal’s data.

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