First Care Oral Drench

by Strong Animals

First Care is a colostrum-based oral drench developed to boost calf performance. First Care enhances the dam's natural colostrum by providing additional immune factors to protect the calf from health challenges. The colostrum and vitamin E in First Care protect newborns and stimulate the immune system. Highly available energy promotes vigor to get calves up and eating. Prebiotic fiber to establish a balanced gut microflora. When administered immediately after birth, the immunoglobulins and other immune factors pass into the bloodstream to boost the health status of newborns. Administer as soon as possible after birth. Give calves and foals: 10 ml. Kids: 4 ml. Lambs: 2 ml. Repeat daily for 1 - 2 days if newborn does not display energetic activity. Includes pump dispenser to deliver 2 ml per pump.

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