Composite Orthopedic Kennel Pad

by Petmate-Doskocil

Orthopedic kennel pads not only provide your pet a form-fitting, comfortable place to rest, but also help to maintain a regular body temperature at home or on the go. 2.4” thick. Memory foam (flat side) is for the winter (absorbs heat.) Convoluted foam (side with depressions) is for the summer (disperses heat.)

Item: 32210 Color/Style: Black Size: 19" x 11" $14.95
Item: 32212 Color/Style: Black Size: 28.5" x 18.5" $26.95
Item: 32214 Color/Style: Black Size: 36.5" x 23.5" $37.95
Item: 32215 Color/Style: Black Size: 41.5" x 26.5" $42.95


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