Calf Restart One-4

by Tech Mix

Calf Restart One-4 provides essential nutrients and hydration in a highly digestible milk base for young calves. Gives calves a quick boost of energy and electrolytes, making it easier for dehydrated or nutrient deficient calves to recover. Calf Restart One-4 contains electrolytes, amino acids, plasma proteins, beneficial bacteria, and multiple sources of energy. Use to boost weak calves, for malabsorption during scours, to balance the digestive system with beneficial bacteria, encourage weight gain, and promote feed intake. To provide as a drench, mix 5 oz. product with 8 to 12 oz. warm water and drench accordingly. To provide in milk or water, mix 5 oz. product with volume of fluid to be consumed in one feeding and administer as normal. Calf Restart One-4 may be given every 6 to 8 hours for up to 4 feedings.

Item: 19042 Size: 5 oz $4.69 12 @ $4.39
Item: 37010 Size: 10 lb $46.95 Shipping: 12 lbs


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