Lister Hairhead Clipper Blades

by Lister Shearing Equipment

Fits the Lister Laser 2 (hairhead only), Legend, and Star Clippers.

Coarse Blade – CA2/AC Coarse Blade, 2.5 mm.
The strong teeth of this blade make it ideal for clipping dirty, muddy animals. With only 18-teeth (in comparison to the standard 35-teeth found on a fine or medium blade,) the coarse blade is ideal for clipping very thick, dense areas of horse hair, as well as llama and alpaca hair.

Fine Blade – A2F/AC Fine Blade, 1.4 mm.
For close body clipping of horses, clipping the heads and bellies of cattle, and for slick shearing lambs and goats.

Medium Blade – A2/AC Medium Blade, 2.5 mm.
Suitable for general clipping, yet ideal for times when leaving a little more hair is required.

Surgical Blade – A2S/AC Surgical Blade, 1 mm.
Clips very close to the skin and is suitable for surgical preparation.

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Item: 27152 Size: Coarse $50.95
Item: 17845 Size: Fine $48.95
Item: 19515 Size: Medium $48.95
Item: 21402 Size: Surgical $48.95


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