Simple Solution Washable Dog Diaper

by Bramton

Simple Solution Washable Diaper gives protection from excitable urination, incontinence, females in heat and puppies that are not housebroken. Microfiber, lightweight fabric with repositionable closures and a tail hole for ultimate comfort. Easy to wash and dry.

If ordering for a male dog, order one size larger than recommended by weight.

Item: 25469 Size: XS (4 to 8 lbs) $11.49
Item: 25469 Size: S (8 to 15 lbs) $12.49
Item: 25469 Size: M (15 to 35 lbs) $13.49
Item: 25469 Size: L (35 to 55 lbs) $14.49
Item: 25469 Size: XL (55 to 90 lbs) $15.49


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