AiM-L VetCaps

by AgriLabs

AiM-L VetCaps are softgel capsules containing liquid parasiticide for horn fly and lice control in cattle over 600 lbs. VetCaps are fired from a VetGun (sold separately) at a range of 15' - 30' away. Capsules burst upon contact with the animal to deliver insecticide in a similar way to pour-on products. Simply aim, shoot, and treat. The tell-tale fluorescent orange spot created by the capsule shell will tell a producer the product is on the animal’s hide. Each VetCap contains 10 ml of lamda cyhalothrin with piperonyl butoxide. Apply one VetCap per animal. When tested, VetCaps provided effective horn fly control for 4 weeks. Cattle are easily treated while milling around or feeding, without added stress or labor. Allows one person to easily apply insecticide from horseback, pickup, ATV, or while on foot. Saves time and puts you in control of when and where you treat your cattle.

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