CatSure Meal Replacement Supplement for Cats

by Pet-Ag

CatSure Meal Replacement Supplement for Cats CatSure provides supplemental liquid calories to offer a complete, nutritious meal replacement for cats. Made with lactose-free milk proteins and fortified with vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, and probiotics to support digestion. CatSure is ideal for older cats, and those who skip meals or need supplemental calories. Promotes overall health and healing for cats recovering from injury, refusing their food, or experiencing signs of aging. CatSure is formulated for cats 1 year of age and older. Reconstitutes to 16 oz. of liquid.
* Easy to digest
* Contains prebiotics and probiotics
* Encourages fluid intake
* Contains taurine for heart and eye health
* Free of corn and wheat
* Vanilla flavor

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