Neopar Dog Vaccine

by Neotech

NEOPAR is a modified-live canine parvovirus vaccine. NEOPAR contains a high antigen mass (more vaccine units per dose), which results in a short period from vaccination to protection, a high level of protection, and long duration of immunity. NEOPAR provides reliable protection against infections by other known strains of canine parvovirus. Administer 1 ml by SQ or IM injection at approximately 42 days of age. Revaccinate every 14 to 21 days until the dog is 18 weeks of age. Dogs over 18 weeks of age should receive a single 1 ml dose. Annual booster is recommended. Not for pregnant bitches. Order syringes separately.

Item: 28043 Size: 10 ds vial $41.95 $39.95 Shipping: AIR
Item: 37094 Size: 25 x 1 ds vials $114.95 Shipping: AIR


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