S200 Solar Fence Energizer

by Gallagher

* Best for use with cattle, horses, swine, rabbits, raccoons, deer, and bear
* Lightweight portability, heavyweight performance
* Clean Fence: 45 miles / 160 acres
* Typical Fence: 14 miles / 90 acres
* Will continue to work for up to 3 weeks without sun
* Two power options
-Wildlife Mode pulses fast day and night
-Full Power Mode pulses fast during the day and slower at night, conserving power when animals are less active
* Dual solar panel design - Improved solar reliability with split solar panel, effectively two panels in the one frame. Separating the solar panel in two means that if one is covered by vegetation, the second panel will continue to charge the battery.
* Highly portable and robust - convenient carry handle and toughened plastic water-resistant case designed for outdoor use. Will keep pulsing despite dust, heat, rain, or cold.
* Can be mounted on a wall, wood post, or T-post
* 360° mounting on steel posts for correct orientation towards the sun
* Built-in lightning protection.
* 20 watt solar panel (13" wide x 20" high)
* Includes 2 rechargeable 12v batteries and leadset
* 3-year warranty

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