Augment Balanced Multi & Hoof Supplement

by Adeptus

A comprehensive balanced multi-nutrient & hoof supplement with chelated minerals, all vitamins including biotin, plus key amino acids. Designed to add vital nutrients that are deficient in the base diet of horses on hay-only diets, or those receiving unfortified plain grass, or less than recommended levels of fortified grains. Great for horses that get too "hot" on grain, or for those that are stressed with rigorous training or reproduction/growth. Feed 2 oz per day. Scoop included.

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Item: 29668 Size: 3 lb (24 days) $24.99
Item: 34084 Size: 10 lb (80 days) $50.99 Shipping: 12 lbs
Item: 34085 Size: 20 lb (160 days) $91.79 Shipping: 22 lbs


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