Command IR Ultra

by Brookside Supplements

To support glucose metabolism in horses with Insulin Resistance and related metabolic conditions.

Developed for horses with predominantly grass or grass hay diets, or other diets with high levels of carbohydrates and/or sugar, to provide vital nutrition that is commonly deficient in their intake. Horses with insulin resistance are not able to efficiently process the glucose created in their bloodstream after they eat. In an effort to remove this glucose and use it for energy, the horse secretes more and more insulin. The elevated levels of glucose and insulin in the blood can lead to insulin resistance. The body often stores unprocessed glucose in the form of fat pockets and cresty necks. Insulin resistance can lead to a multitude of conditions, including laminitis, founder, obesity, Cushing’s disease and Equine Metabolic Disorder. Command IR Ultra provides balanced levels of calcium, phosphorus (monosodium phosphate), magnesium, chromium, thiamine, vitamins and chelated minerals, chosen for maximum bioavailability and absorption, to support glucose metabolism. Feed 3 oz. twice daily. Pellets.

Item: 40458 Size: 15 lb (40 days) $58.99
Item: 40459 Size: 37 lb (100 days) $134.99 Shipping: FREE


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