No Thrush Canine™

Four Oaks Farm


All Natural

Hot Spots and Ear Relief

Just “Dust On”.

A Powdered, Natural Solution!

Also use on abrasions, bug and flea bites.


Directions: Snip nozzle. Shake bottle to loosen contents.

For Hot Spots, skin irritations: Do not bathe pet before use and keep coat dry. Clip hair around affected area to avoid matting. Dust area with NT Canine and gently massage into the coat. Use 1-3 times daily until irritation cease and fur has re-grown. A head cone may be needed for excessive licking and chewing.

Ear Irritations: Puff a small amount of powder inside the ear, then lightly coat the underside of ear flap.  Use once per day for 3-5 days. Dust ear flap once per week for long term maintenance.


Caution: Not for human use. Do not eat. Avoid contact with eyes. Use in well ventilated area.


Ingredients: Proprietary mix of multiple natural clays, salts of copper earth and oregano powder.

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