Small Trailering Soft Sided Bag First Aid Kit

EquiMedic USA®

Kit Measurements: 10” High, 16” Wide, 7” Deep, 6.4 lbs

Rated to service from one to three horses


Small Trailering Soft Sided Bag
 long handled cotton tipped swabs

 medical towels
 wood applicators
 non-sterile gauze pads
 sterile gauze pads (BN
 non-adherent gauze pads
 3M vetrap Bandaging Tape
 one third pound roll of cotton
 adhesive tape roll
 alcohol wipes
 hand sanitizing towelettes
 povidone iodine swab sticks
 four ounce eye wash
 betadine surgical scrub
 eight ounce hydrogen peroxide
 iodine wipes
 exam gloves
 hoof pick
 bandage scissors
 bandage pins
 eighteen gauge by one inch needles

ten cc syringes

 twenty cc syringes
 thirty five cc syringe
 stainless steel thumb forceps
 wrap cutter
 antibiotic foil pouches
 three quarter inch adhesive bandages
 one inch adhesive bandages
 Electrolyte Gold packets
 two ounce small Corona antiseptic ointment
 four and a half ounce small Tuttle’s  liniment

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