LiquiVet Rapid Tissue Adhesive
America’s Acres

For Veterinary Use Only

Polymerizes in 2 Seconds
Skin Closure

Read Instructions for Use
Store below 77º
Contents: 1 x 3g
                 5 applicators

Product Information Sheet

LiquiVet Rapid is a cyanoacrylate based tissue adhesive offered in a 3g make up with five separate applicators.

Indications for Use:
LiquiVet Rapid is indicated for closure of animal skin in cat de-claw surgery to seal capillary beds and exposed nerve endings.

LiquiVet should be applied by trained veterinary staff.

Do not apply to internal organs, blood vessels, nerve tissue or mucous membranes.
Do not apply to infected or chronic wounds.
Do not apply LiquiVet Rapid over a pool of blood or fluid. This may cause polymerization, poor skin closure ad premature sloughing.
Do not apply excessive amounts of adhesive. A thin light coat gives the best results.
Do not use in the management of deep puncture wounds or where an underlying infection is suspected.

Preparation of the Incision Site:
Subcutaneous tissue should be closed as per current practice.

LiquiVet Rapid Skin Closure Technique:
After the claw has been removed the edges of the socket should be held open. Any traces of blood should be applied. The skin flaps should be pinched together and held for 3-4 seconds.

Post Operative Care:
No further care of the incision site is usually necessary.
Automutilation is unusual due to the LiquiVet Rapid sealing action (no oozing or bleeding to attract the animal).
LiquiVet Rapid provides a waterproof barrier to dirt, fluids and other environmental hazards.
A separate dressing can be applied if desired.
LiquiVet Rapid will slough off naturally after the incision heals (typically five days).

Precautions & Warnings:
If LiquiVet Rapid gets into the eye, immediately rinse with water to lessen the chance of adhesion.
As LiquiVet Rapid dries heat is produced. If excess Tissue Adhesive is applied or excess blood not removed from, the wound, thermal damage to the tissue may occur.

Do not use beyond the expiration date stated on the packaging. LiquiVet Rapid 3g is recommended to be stored below 77 degrees.

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