Disposable Aero Syringes



Make Sure Each Shot Counts


Cap-Chur disposable Aero Syringes are for one-time use with all Cap-Chur projectors. Aero Syringes are completely assembled. Just add medication.

(Medication Not Included)


Warning: Adult Use Only. Keep Away From Children. Package Contains Sharp Objects And Small Parts Which Can Be A Choking Hazard And Can Cause Injury Or Death To Children If Swallowed Or Handled.




Important: To assure safe operation, any user of this syringe/dart must read these instructions carefully. Failure to follow instructions and warnings for the Aero Syringe can cause accidents resulting in injury or death to user and/or those with or around you.


Heath Warnings: In the course of loading/unloading and shooting these syringes/darts, you and others around you will come in contact with sharp objects and medications.  Carelessness or mishandling can result in serious injury or death to you and others around you. Always wear impact protective glasses when shooting syringes/darts. Refer to manufacture’s information regarding proper dosage, handling and storage procedures. Always wear protective eyewear, gloves and facemask when loading/unloading or handling any medications or equipment. Always wash hands thoroughly after loading/unloading syringes/darts, shooting, handling ammunition, medications or cleaning projector and syringes/darts. Do not eat, smoke or use any type of chewing or tobacco products during these activities. All syringes/darts reusable or disposable should be recovered and disposed of properly after use. Never leave syringe/darts in the field or lying around as these can cause serious injury or death to humans and/or animals. If not disposed of properly sharp objects could puncture tires and/or be picked up by haying or other equipment.


Aero Syringe/Darts are SINGLE use only


Warning:  Attempting to modify the function of your syringe/darts or using the syringes/darts in any way inconsistent with these instructions may make your syringe/darts unsafe to use and can result in serious injury or death to you and/or others with and/or around you. If you feel or see that your Aero Syringe/Darts are in any way flawed or damages DO NOT USE as this could pose a hazard and cause injury and/or death to you or others near or around you. Please phone Cap-Chur if you have questions.


Step One: Draw up medication into your hand syringe, using proper safety and handling procedures.


Step Two: Insert the hand syringe needle into the needle end of the Aero Syringe/Dart and SLOWLY inject Medication in the Aero Syringe/Dart. NOTE: Needle must reach all the way into the syringe/dart barrel cavity to prevent medication from coming out of the needle as you inject the medication. Aero Syringe/Darts must be completely filled. Using proper size dart/syringe will give you the best results. *Cap-Chur strongly advises reading the following the manufacture’s labeling instructions which are included with your medications. DO NOT add to or dilute medications without consulting your local veterinarian, medication labeling instructions or manufacturer of drug being used for advice.

Warning: Never point the Aero Syringe/Dart or hand syringe towards you or others when medication is being loaded or drawn up as this could result in serious injury or death to you and others with you.


Step Three: Holding the Needle Cap by the sides (never on top), place the Needle Cap onto the needle end of the Aero Syringe/Dart being extremely careful not to push the needle through the Needle Cap.

Note: Needles are extremely sharp and care must be taken to ensure safe handling when installing Needle Cap on the Aero Syringe/Dart.


IMPORTANT: Needle Cap MUST stay on the Aero Syringe/Dart after it is loaded and while loading into and firing from projector with medication and placed inside your projector. Failure to place and leave the Needle Cap on the Aero Syringe/Dart will result in improper function of your Aero Syringe/Dart.

After completing Steps 1 through 3, you are now ready to load your Aero Syringe/Dart into your projector and fire the projector.

NEVER leave a Loaded Syringe/Dart (with Medication and Pressurized) in your Projector.

NEVER store your Projector with a Loaded Syringe/Dart (with Medication and Pressurized) in your Projector.


Warning: Extreme caution must be used when firing syringes/darts as the syringe/dart could bounce back striking you or others or spraying medication causing injury or death to you or others. You and others with you should always wear safety glasses when using any type of Projector, darts or syringes. 

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