Sure-Latch Gate Latch™
Co-Line Welding, Inc.

Lockable 2-way livestock gate latch. For use on residential, commercial, or livestock gates with a 1 5/8"-2" O.D. round tube. Latch will release to allow gate to swing either direction. One-handed operation. Prevents gate end from sagging or swinging. Can be operated from horseback.

Mounting Instructions:
1. Allow 2" to 2 ¾" gap between post and gate by adjusting gate hinge or hinge bolts.

2. Select the model number of the Sure-Latch set that matches the diameter of your gate tubing (#12031 for 1 5/8"-2", #23984 for 1 ¼"-1 ½").

3. For use on 1 7/8" or 2" O.D. round tube gate, remove the inner shim from the latch pin.

4. Bolt the latch pin onto the gate slightly above center. To avoid any possibility of latch pin twisting on gate, put one bolt above and one bolt below a horizontal tube on gate.

5. With gate in the closed position, mount latch securely to post, using the latch pin as a gauge for correct height.

6. Final adjustments can be made by sliding latch pin and/or adjusting gate hinges up and down.

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