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Fast, Free Shipping on most $75+ orders

Dr. Franks Calf Puller

Faster Deliveries with Less Work.

The Dr. Frank's Fetal Extractor is the original obstetrical instrument developed by B. N. Frank, DVM, a specialist in veterinary obstetrics. The Frank Fetal Extractor is a precision instrument that has proven its effectiveness year after year in thousands of cases.

The uniform tension of this unique fetal extractor permits no slipping or backing-up. Traction on the calf and the counterthrust against the cow induce spreading of the pelvic bones, elevation of the abdomen, and arching of the animal's back, all assisting the natural birth processes. It is operated with a rotating motion at a speed consistent with dilation of the pelvic muscles. "Locked Hips" deliveries are made relatively easy.

The entire extractor unit can be assembled in only minutes. Each component has a specific location in the convenient waterproof vinyl reinforced carrying case. Rods screw together to prevent separation of unit during use.

Entire unit can be assembled in minutes. 


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