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Preg-Tone II Plus

Trouble-Shooting Guide:
Testing Problems:

1.       No "Contact" Tone: Press the "on" button and hold it on during the entire test for each sow. Use more oil to make a better skin contact. The oil is used to exclude any air from between the Preg-Tone II and the sow's belly. It is important to remove any and all of the manure or straw or excess hair that might cause an improper skin contact. If you fail to get a good contact beep, try to use the Preg-Tone II on the palm of your bare hand. If you can not get a contact beep, retry the Pre-testing Procedure or read and follow the instructions regarding malfunctions.

2.       "Contact" Tone But Never A "Pregnant" Tone When Used On Pregnant Sows: First, squeeze and hold the Preg-Tone II on, after you have heard the contact tone, aim the unit towards the rear of the animal. This should aim the ultrasound in the direction of the bladder. A full bladder will simulate a pregnant uterus, and produce the continuous tone. If still no sound, read and follow the instructions for malfunctions.

3.       Always A Pregnant Tone, Even On Non-Bred Sows: Examine the diagram and make sure you are aiming the Preg-Tone II forward of the bladder. The bladder will always give the continuous tone, seemingly indicating pregnancy. If this fails to get the correct results, read the instructions for a malfunctioning unit.

4.       No Sound At All: Go to instructions for a malfunctioning Preg-Tone II.

What To Do With A Malfunctioning Preg-Tone II:
Self-Tests To Do Before You Call:

1.       Squeeze the Preg-Tone II ON switch. A brief beep will sound. A self-diagnostic test checks the internal circuits. This test can be done over and over but you must wait 5 seconds between tests. If there is no beep, replace the battery. Still no beep, call Renco.

2.       Wet the transducer head of the Preg-Tone II with water, place the head in the palm of your bare hand and squeeze and hold the Preg-Tone II on. An intermittent beep will sound. If no beep is heard, retry the test using more water. Still no beep is heard replace the battery. If it still doesn't work call Renco. 

If you have problems feel free to contact your dealer or the manufacturer. 

Renco Corporation
116 Third Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Telephone: (612) 338-6124
Toll-Free: (800) 359-8181
Fax: (612) 333-9026

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